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Pictured Above: Boot Camp. Source: KTLA-TV Channel 5.

This week, Kelvin Bernard McFarland pleaded not guilty to five felony counts of assaulting two 14-year-old girls in 2004. McFarland is an operator of a boot camp in Pasadena and these felony charges are the result of alleged sexual assaults against two girls at the camp. McFarland has also been charged in a separate case with abusing children at another boot camp. In the abuse case, McFarland is being charged with false imprisonment, kidnapping and extortion. McFarland is currently being held on $275,000 bail.

In California, sexual assault or battery is the touching of the intimate part of another, against their will for sexual arousal, gratification or abuse. Penalties for sexual assault include jail/prison time, probation, fines, and registration as a sex offender. Registering as a sex offender allows the public to find out if any people convicted of sex crimes reside in their area. Registering as a sex offender affects one’s personal and professional reputation. Therefore, if you are charged with a sexual offense, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist you in fighting your charges.

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