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A man accused of running into a sheriff’s police cruiser with a stolen truck and then driving towards a second officer was convicted yesterday of multiple felonies.

Jesse Alan Tucker, from Newhall, was found guilty of assault on a peace officer, resisting a peace officer, and fleeing from a peace officer’s motor vehicle while driving recklessly. Tucker was also convicted of taking a vehicle without consent after a prior conviction and vandalism under $400 damage.

According to reports, Tucker drove a stolen truck into a police car on February 2, 2015 while being chased by police. After striking the car, Tucker reportedly turned the car around and aimed it again at the officer.

At that point, reports indicate the officer fired a shot at the truck, prompting Tucker to flee on foot. Tucker was later arrested. It remains to be seen what Tucker’s punishment will be. Though Tucker has been found guilty of these crimes, his sentencing is scheduled for next month, June 28.

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