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Probation Modification

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Probation Modification

Can I Change My Probation Terms in California?

In California, judges may impose probation sentences in lieu of incarceration. When following the terms of probation, you may be required obey certain conditions, which include remaining within the jurisdiction, reporting to a probation officer, refrain from possessing a firearm, and consuming or possessing alcohol. Under California Penal Code Section 1203.3 (PC 1203.3), you may request that the court modify the terms of your probation at any time, and the court has the power to grant these changes.

If you have demonstrated good conduct and reform over the course of your probation, you are a good candidate for its modification. An attorney may also request modifications based on changing circumstances or other unexpected events. Changes may include…

  • Allowing re-enrollment in alcohol programs
  • Exchanging possible jail time for monitored home confinement
  • Converting fines to community service
  • Lifting strict travel restrictions
  • Exchanging jail time for drug or alcohol treatment programs
  • Modifying terms so that you may obtain employment

The Law Office of Ronald G. Brower is prepared to help you submit a formal motion to the court for probation modification. We will then assist you in navigating the hearing which will follow. Our attorneys can help you to modify the terms of your probation.

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