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Governor’s Pardon

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Governor’s Pardon

How to Apply for a Governor's Pardon

A governor’s pardon recognizes your efforts to return to the status of a law-abiding, productive citizen. It restores some rights of citizenship that were forfeited as a result of conviction. This is the last step in clearing one’s criminal record. While it does not seal or erase your record, it is the best criminal record relief available in the state of California and demonstrates a commitment to rehabilitation.

Governor’s pardons may be difficult to obtain. Applicants must demonstrate an exemplary pattern of behavior after a conviction – generally, a person should be off parole or probation for about a decade with no criminal activity to be considered for this pardon.

A governor’s pardon restores certain rights, such as the ability to serve on a jury, the rights to certain firearms, relief from the duty to register as a sex offender, improved employment prospects, a defense to deportation, and access to potential employment as a county probation officer or state parole agent, among others.

In California, the Board of Parole Hearings investigates pardon applications on behalf of the governor’s office. Factors like the age and circumstances of the applicant, the impact on their family and community, the applicant’s commitment to self-development, and their need for a pardon are all considered during this process.

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