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A Leader In Southern
California Criminal
Justice for 45 Years

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Practice Limited to Criminal Defense

Effective, Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Ronald G. Brower has led the Southern California legal scene for over 45 years. He has specialized exclusively in criminal law since opening his legal practice in Orange County during the mid-70s. An expert in criminal defense, Ron has handled thousands of cases and tried approximately 300 jury trials. As a testimony to the quality of his preparation and conduct of complex cases, Ron’s clients have included Orange County judges, politicians, private attorneys, public defenders, deputy district attorneys, and law enforcement officers. He has received recognition and numerous awards for his role in several high-profile cases.

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Practice Areas

At the Law Office of Ronald G. Brower, we have the experience, expertise, and thorough understanding of the law to help you to secure the most favorable result in your case. We have tried thousands of cases over more than 40 years in a variety of practice areas.

DMV Hearings

Drug Offenses

Certificate Of Rehabilitation

Sex Crimes


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