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Withdraw of Plea for Immigration

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Withdraw of Plea for Immigration

Immigrants Can Withdraw Guilty Pleas

California law has provided a crucial right for immigrants facing criminal charges. While most people understand that immigrants can be deported upon conviction, they may not know that after pleading guilty, they will be deported. In California, PC 1016.5 allows immigrants facing this situation to ask the court to withdraw their guilty plea and enter a plea of “Not Guilty” if they were unaware of these consequences. When a court grants this request, you and your representation will be able to renegotiate a plea agreement that avoids potential deportation.

While individuals with experienced attorneys will not need this legislation, those who were directed by uninformed or careless representation may be at risk of deportation. To appeal this action, we recommend that you acquire effective, veteran representation.

At The Law Office of Ronald G. Brower, we are experts in the withdrawal of plea. We will demonstrate that the judge did not inform you of this risk and will assist you in filing a “Not Guilty” plea in its place. For more information, contact our office today.

We care about each & every client. Throughout the litigation process, our legal team treats all of our clients with professionalism, dignity and respect.