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Last week, authorities discovered the body of Andrea Del Vesco, 21, in her burnt Westwood apartment. Yesterday, prosecutors charged two men—Alberto Hinojosa Medina and Eric Marquez—with her murder.

Ms. Del Vesco was a fourth-year student at UCLA studying psychology and Spanish; she was from Austin, Texas.

The prosecution asserts that Mr. Medina, 22, and a student at Fresno State University, burglarized Ms. Del Vesco’s apartment, murdered her and then burned her apartment. He is charged with burglary, murder and arson.

Mr. Medina is being held without bail and if convicted he could face the death penalty. Prosecutors have not said yet whether they will seek the death penalty.

Eric Marquez, also 22, was charged with murder and burglary. Mr. Marquez, also a UCLA student, is being held on over $1 million bail and faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

According to reports, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said the amount of forensic evidence against the two men is “considerable.”

Both Mr. Medina and Mr. Marquez plead not guilty to the charges at their arraignment.

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