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Fentanyl Trafficking

by Lindsay Chambers

The California state legislature has enacted stricter laws around fentanyl trafficking to combat the escalating fentanyl crisis and its devastating impact on public health. This legislative move aims to significantly reduce overdose deaths by imposing harsher penalties on those found selling or distributing this deadly synthetic opioid.

At the Law Office of Ronald G. Brower, we understand the complexities of these new regulations and use our experience to offer the aggressive defense strategy needed for those facing drug charges in this new legal landscape.

The New Fentanyl Trafficking Penalties

The new law specifically targets fentanyl due to its potency and contributions to overdose fatalities. Under this legislation, anyone caught selling or distributing more than one kilogram of fentanyl will face an automatic addition of three years to their original sentence. The severity of the penalty scales up with the amount of fentanyl involved, with the maximum additional sentence reaching up to 25 years for trafficking in quantities over 80 kilograms.

Fentanyl’s lethality and low cost have led to its misuse as an additive in other drugs like heroin and cocaine. This practice has tragically resulted in numerous accidental overdoses among people who unwittingly use fentanyl-laced substances. The crackdown on fentanyl trafficking is a response to its emergence as the leading cause of drug-related fatalities in California.

The Importance of Skilled Legal Defense

Hiring a knowledgeable, confident attorney to represent you in court is more crucial than ever, given the stringent new penalties and severe implications of a drug offense conviction – including the potential for a life-altering prison sentence.

For more than four decades, Ronald G. Brower has cemented his reputation as a leading Orange County criminal defense lawyer, expertly advising his clients facing drug charges in California. He will begin building a robust legal strategy based on the circumstances surrounding your case.

  • Probable cause: We scrutinize the events leading to the arrest to ensure law enforcement had a valid reason for the initial stop.
  • Adherence to procedures: A central aspect of our defense involves confirming officials followed all the correct legal procedures during the stop, arrest and any searches conducted.

Awareness of the collateral consequences of a drug conviction, such as the automatic six-month suspension of your driver’s license if you plead guilty, is part of the comprehensive defense strategy we provide.

How Ronald G. Brower Can Help

Facing charges for fentanyl trafficking or any drug-related offense can be an overwhelming experience with vast implications. Ronald G. Brower’s expertise in criminal defense has provided relief for those caught in the crosshairs of California’s rigorous legal system. We will tailor an approach to your unique situation, focusing on mitigating penalties and pursuing the most favorable outcome possible.

Count on the Law Office of Ronald G. Brower to defend your rights and ensure you receive a fair trial. Contact us for a consultation if you face drug charges under the new fentanyl trafficking laws. Let our experience and dedication serve as your defense in these challenging times.

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