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Charged With Organized Retail Theft?

by Shelby Wall

Shoplifting crosses the line into organized retail theft when it is perpetrated by a crime ring. It can take many forms. Most of the time, this charge is levied due to coordinated thefts that are focused on specific goods or local retailers. These goods are stolen with the intent to sell or distribute them. Sometimes the crime rings will even return the goods to the retailers at a price. 

Getting charged with this type of crime is a lot more serious than an allegation of a crime like petty theft. If you do face these charges, you will need to hire an elite legal team that can give you strong legal representation. 

Organized Retail Theft Charges 

As mentioned, the charges for organized retail theft are much harsher than those for regular theft or shoplifting. It is a serious situation that can lead to major trouble. Notably, the prosecution does not need to charge any others as part of the conspiracy for a person’s actions to be classified as related to organized crime. 

Felony or Misdemeanor 

When the police can tie a retail theft with organized crime, it automatically becomes a felony, unlike normal shoplifting or retail theft charges that could be misdemeanors or felonies depending on the dollar amount of the stolen goods. 

The difference between a felony and a misdemeanor is that a felony has a mandatory prison sentence of at least a year or more. Misdemeanors are less likely to lead to long stretches of prison time. Instead, penalties like community service or probation are more likely for first-time offenders. 

That is why it is so crucial to have a stellar legal team behind you when facing a felony charge, like organized retail theft. If you get convicted, you can spend years in jail. 

There is also a difference between different classes of felony. For example, a class B felony will incur longer prison time than a class C felony. This is determined by the value of the goods that have been stolen. 

Mounting a Defense for Organized Retail Theft

Each case is different, and a good lawyer knows that each defense needs to be different, too. Ronald G. Brower, Attorney at Law, knows that each of his cases is important and deserves to have a solid foundation built with the client in mind. Attorney Brower has overseen multiple different cases including theft, shoplifting, and organized retail theft. With a storied history of legal defense, he has achieved successful outcomes across multiple practice areas. Attorney Brower’s case results show his dedication to mounting a strong defense that will benefit his clients. 

One defense that is often utilized in these cases is making sure that the courts have sufficient evidence for a trial. If they don’t, then dismissal may be achieved. Another practical defense that is often used is determining whether the prosecution can tie the defendant to the crime. These are just a few of the possible routes available for those charged with organized retail theft.

Orange County, CA Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’re facing felony charges for organized crime, you need an attorney with a proven track record. Ronald G. Brower has this type of record. To get help fighting organized retail theft charges in Orange County, California, contact us today

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