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California DUI School: What You Need to Know

by Lindsay Chambers

California DUI school is a court-ordered program to discourage people from driving under the influence and reduce the number of first-time and repeat DUI convictions. If you have been convicted of a DUI in California, you must complete a state-licensed course to comply with legal requirements.

DUI school in California aims to reduce the chances that people will get behind the wheel after drinking or using drugs. Completing a certified course will help you learn to make healthier, safer choices and understand the risks of using and abusing intoxicating substances.

DUI Program Rules

Under the law, drivers must enroll in California DUI school after an arrest and DUI conviction. Most DUI courses in California will not allow a driver to sign up unless they either have a court order or a driver’s license suspension from the California DMV.

In California, you cannot get your driver’s license reinstated after a DUI conviction unless you provide official notice that you have completed a state-licensed DUI program. It’s also essential to note that if you fail to enroll in DUI school by the date a judge gives you, the court might issue a warrant for your arrest.

Your DUI program’s length will vary depending on your blood alcohol content at the time of your arrest and any record of previous DUI convictions within the past decade. For example, first offenders with a BAC of .08 or less will only need to complete a 12-hour course, while people with more than one DUI conviction in 10 years will need to take 18 months of school.

Can You Take DUI Classes Online in California?

DUI education program providers must receive licensure from the State of California. Currently, there are hundreds of state-licensed DUI programs in California. These licensed providers exclusively offer in-person classes.

California’s Department of Health Care Services does not license online DUI school providers, and online classes don’t meet the state’s DUI program requirements.

Can You Complete California DUI School Out of State?

If you hold a California driver’s license and have gotten convicted of a DUI while driving under the influence in California, Vehicle Code §23556 requires the court to order your completion of a California DUI program in the county where you live or work. In moving to a different state before finishing California DUI school, you can waive your right to legally drive in California in the future.

You also might be unable to get a new driver’s license in another state if your California license is still suspended. States share information through the Interstate Driver’s License Compact. Even if you do not mention a prior DUI when applying for a driver’s license in a different state, the licensing agency will probably notice your arrest, conviction and license suspension in California, which may make you ineligible for a new driver’s license.

Orange County’s Experienced DUI Attorney

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