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OC Court User Portal for Lower-Level Criminal Cases

by Webconsuls Dev

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to rely on technology even more than before in the 21st Century. Many of us were already spending too much time on our smartphones and tablets prior to the start of this cataclysmic event. Now, relegated to the safety of our homes, such devices are ever-more our windows to the world.

We accomplish everyday tasks online that we used to handle in person. Business meetings occur over video conferencing platforms, as do doctor appointments. The legal system relies on the virtual tools, as well; most courthouses across the country will only permit essential persons to enter.

Packing courtrooms with people is an easy way to transmit the coronavirus, even if social distancing guidelines are observed. While jury trials are currently underway, reducing the number of people in the building is beneficial.

Uncertain of how long the dangers will persist, Orange County Superior Court introduced an online portal – funded by the Judicial Council of California – for traffic infractions and lower-level criminal cases, The Orange County Register reports. The tool is called the Court User Portal.

Resolving Criminal Offenses from Afar

The CUP dashboard makes the handling of low-level offenses easier for users. Some of the functions were previously spread over the entire OCSC website but now are consolidated. If you are facing minor infractions, all you need to do is create an account that allows you to deal with one or several pending cases. Once logged in to the portal, one can:

  • Search for cases or citations.
  • Reserve a court date.
  • Make payments or establish payment plans.
  • Submit electronic correspondence to the court.

CUP will also send users email or text reminders regarding future hearing dates or payment due dates, the article reports. Orange County Superior Court Presiding Judge Kirk Nakamura said:

“The portal will provide an essential channel for access to justice, especially during the challenging times of COVID-19 when we must maintain social distancing.”

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