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Countdown to Capture Update: Captured

by Webconsuls Dev

Just shy of one year ago, we wrote about an alarming case of murder in Newport Beach, California. The death of Quee Choo Lim Chadwick, a mother of three, became the subject of a podcast from the Newport Beach Police Department. Law enforcement officials hoped that the 6-part series would lead to the apprehension of Peter Chadwick, Quee Choo’s husband.

If you have not listened to the true-crime podcast, we encourage you to do so at your earliest convenience. For those who do not have the time, we can share that Peter Chadwick is suspected of killing his wife at their Newport Beach home on Oct. 10, 2012. You will learn from the podcast that Quee Choo’s body was discovered in a dumpster in the San Diego area.

While Peter claimed that the murderer was a painter he hired, NBPD found evidence contradicting his story. They would eventually charge Peter Chadwick, 55, of strangling his wife of 21 years.

Captured in Mexico

In 2015, Chadwick disappeared while he was out on bail. Even though he didn’t have his passport, Peter was able to empty his bank account of $600,000. For more than four years, the fugitive was able to evade capture.

The decision to create a podcast paid off; the series brought national and international attention to the case. A recent update to the Countdown to Capture podcast reveals that a tip about Chadwick’s whereabouts led to his apprehension in Mexico.

U.S. Marshalls escorted the NBPD’s prime suspect to LAX. Chadwick is being held in the Orange County Jail awaiting trial. He has been denied bail, naturally.

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