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California Gun Laws

Following the 2017 Las Vegas Mandalay Bay massacre and the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting last year, discussions about firearms went into overdrive. The use of “bump stocks” and powerful assault rifles are at the top of the list of concerns. As is the question of whether people with a history mental illness or violence should be allowed to own a gun?

Gun ownership has long been a hot button topic and will likely continue to be; the Second Amendment is a subject that millions of Americans take seriously. However, and despite many person’s enthusiasm for firearms, public safety is something that all citizens care about especially in the wake of mass shootings.

It is widely understood that California is a progressive state. Naturally, the recent horrific gun massacres have not gone unnoticed. Last year, several new gun laws were passed that go into effect this year. Below you will find a brief breakdown of some of the more significant gun ownership changes affecting Californians.

Stricter Gun Laws In California

Federal law currently prohibits the sale of handguns from a licensed retailer to people under age 21. However, in many states, eighteen-year-olds can buy assault rifles (long guns) capable of doing severe damage in a short period. In California, a new law raises the minimum age from 18 years old to age 21 for the purchase of long guns, CNBC reports. There are several other gun ownership law changes that Californians should be aware of moving forward.

Assembly Bill 1968 takes effect at the end of 2019. The bill places a lifetime gun ownership ban on individuals who are involuntarily admitted to a mental health facility, on more than one occasion within a year, for being a danger to themselves or others. Such people can appeal the ban every five years, according to the article.

Existing law requires a 10-year ban on possessing a gun for those convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. Assembly Bill 3129 puts a lifetime ban on individuals sentenced for such crimes on or after January 1, 2019. The lifetime ban also pertains to those convicted of battery on a spouse, cohabitant, ex-girlfriends, and ex-spouses.

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