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Expired registration tags precipitated a series of arrests in California when authorities found the driver to be in possession of a pound of meth and other drugs, ABC 30 reports. Minor infractions are often a catalyst to remarkable drug busts in the Golden State, the crisscross of highways and interstates being notorious for the transporting local-grown marijuana and other drugs crossing the southern border from Mexico.

Ever since Federal and state officials began cracking down on methamphetamine, culminating with the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005, the vast majority of crystal meth which people use in the United States originates in Mexico. Gone are the days—for the most part—of clandestine meth labs at trailer parks and in the trunk of cars in a state of disrepair, the meth Americans use today is manufactured in cartel super labs. It is much easier for people in Mexico to acquire the necessary precursors for synthesizing the drug.

The cartels, ironically, have a way of capitalizing on American laws to curb substance misuse and abuse. The Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 has the unintended effect of opening a new market for the cartels, just as crackdowns on prescription opioid misuse brought about a dramatic surge in Mexican heroin trafficking.

Major Drug Operation Bust in Fresno

The arrest of David Stuard of Fresno, CA, led the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office to the seizure of five weapons and another 45 pounds of meth, and six more arrests, according to the article. The seven people in custody are facing Federal charges; and, local and federal investigators continue to try to pinpoint the source of the drug. In response to the Fresno drug sting, some people are using it as an opportunity to attack California’s sanctuary state law, including U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott. However, Scott acknowledges that the sanctuary state law has no bearing on the Fresno meth bust.

“Something is rotten in Denmark, with the California Criminal justice system, said U.S. Attorney Scott. “It has gone too far in decriminalizing crime in this state.” 

Although, as Tony Capozzi, a former Federal Prosecutor, correctly points out:

“There is not a lot of difference between the state [California] and federal penalties when it comes to drug offenses.”


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