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If you are a regular reader of our blog posts, then you are probably aware that California has made some significant changes regarding criminal justice reform, early release and redesignating the classification of certain crimes. It’s no secret that the Golden State is known for progressive thinking, which is likely the reason that voters approved legislation to bring about reform.

A little over a week ago a gathering of protesters stood in front of the state Capitol in opposition to specific changes, hoping for some rollbacks, CBS News reports. Some crime victims say that reforms have gone too far and this needs to stop.

“This stuff has got to stop,” said El Dorado County Sheriff John D’Agostino. “The pendulum has swung far enough.” He adds “It limits us. Law enforcement. It limits me. It limits my peers all across this state,”


Bills In Question


  • Assembly Bill 109: provides that a felony a crime that is punishable with death, by imprisonment in the state prison, or notwithstanding any other provision of law, by imprisonment in a county jail for more than one year.
  • Proposition 47: Classified “non-serious, nonviolent crimes” as misdemeanors instead of felonies unless the defendant has prior convictions for murder, rape, certain sex offenses or certain gun crimes.
  • Proposition 57: increases parole and good behavior opportunities for felons convicted of nonviolent crimes and allowing judges, not prosecutors, to decide whether to try certain juveniles as adults in court.

Governor Jerry Brown defends his decision to sign the above bills into law, according to the article. He also cautions against attempts to repeal the legislation.

“Today I want to talk as a human being because in a few more months, I won’t be a politician, I’ll be a human being like you,” said Brown. “And what’s important is that we bind up our wounds. Remember, a life is not just vengeance. It’s also redemption and forgiveness.” 

Please take a moment to watch a short video on the subject:

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