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Some of our readers may remember when a custody dispute escalated to mass murder nearly six years ago. On October 12, 2011, Scott Evan Dekraai walked into Salon Meritage beauty salon in Seal Beach to kill his ex-wife, Michelle Fournier. If that weren’t bad enough, he opened fire thus killing a total of eight people before the incident ended in Dekraai’s arrest. The salon shooting was the worst mass shooting event in Orange County’s history.

Then in 2014, Dekraai’s attorney announced that a guilty plea would be submitted before a jury-trial would commence. This case, as tragic as can be imagined, became complicated by allegations made Dekraai after his arrest, claiming that the Orange County Sheriff’s Department improperly used jailhouse informants to collect evidence against him. The allegation played an important role in the Orange County Sheriff’s “snitch scandal.”


Mass Shooter Finally Sentenced

The salon massacre case has finally come to a close. Last week, Orange County Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals handed Dekraai, 47, a life sentence for each victim, The Los Angeles Times reports. Eight consecutive life sentences. The numerous relatives and friends of the eight (8) victims were reassured that Dekraai would live the rest of his days “in some forgotten corner of California.”

“The gates of hell flew open,” Judge Thomas Goethals told Dekraai at the sentencing, “and you emerged as the face of evil.” 

At the sentencing, some of the victims’ friends and family members were given a chance to address the court, according to the article. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens and Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas found themselves in the crosshairs of Paul Wilson, the husband of one victim. Wilson pointed out the use of an informant only complicated matters, causing prolonged pain and suffering.

“I wish they had the integrity not to cheat,” Wilson said.


Orange County Criminal Attorney

Obviously, being charged with any form of homicide presents a serious situation and every accused is entitled to legal counsel. The Dekraai case has been a learning experience for our entire county.  Attorney Ronald G. Brower has extensive experience in homicide defense and is prepared to provide the quality representation you or a loved one will require.

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