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The story continues regarding the recall of Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky, following his controversial sentencing of former Stanford University Swimmer, Brock Turner. If you were one of the millions of Americans who felt that a six-month sentence for raping a fellow student was far too lenient, then it’s likely that you wanted to see Judge Persky face repercussions.

The Brock Turner case led to redefining the criteria for rape and sexual assault in California. As well as imposing mandatory prison sentences for those convicted of some sexual assaults, including those involving victims who were unconscious or incapable of giving consent due to intoxication. It also led to a pouring in of support for a judicial review and recall of Judge Persky for what many have dubbed a slap on the wrist for a heinous crime. But, naturally Judge Persky was not going to go down without a fight.


Judicial Recalls

After Turner was sentenced, a campaign to gather signatures for a judicial recall was launched. With the aim of getting the recall on the June 2018 ballot. However, Persky’s attorneys fought for a temporary halt on gathering signatures, which a California judge granted. Judge Persky probably considered the temporary stay as a victory, albeit one that would be short lived.

Retired Judge Ksenia Tsenin went ahead and lifted the temporary restraining order on collecting signatures, allowing the process to move forward, CBS SF Bay Area reports. Tsenin’s ruling was cheered on by supporters of recalling Judge Persky. The same supporters have some 159 days to collect 58,634 signatures for making the June 2018 ballot.

“We’re very thankful that the judge ruled in favor of Santa Clara County voters and their constitutional right to petition to recall Judge Persky,” said Recall Persky Campaign chair and Stanford Law professor Michele Dauber after today’s ruling. “This ruling validates our belief that Judge Persky filed a frivolous lawsuit that was intended to stall, delay and obstruct the democratic process, and also to waste taxpayer money.” 

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We will continue to follow the recall case as it moves forward.


Legal Trouble

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333FPsalm32:10 January 27, 2018 - 7:16 pm

On June 5, 2018 VOTE YES to recall judge Persky, rape culture, and White Male Privilege. Also contact your representatives and ask them to support the California first ever audit on Commission for Judicial Performance. It is the right time to stop judicial corruption.

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