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money bail system

California’s money bail system is on the minds of many people across the state, as efforts continue to do away with the practice. In the last year we have covered this topic a couple times, as it could result in major changes in the criminal justice system. Opponents of the money bail system argue that it discriminates against the poor. If one cannot afford to make bail they are required to remain behind bars until the case is settled. Which could take months.

Senate Bill 10, introduced by Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys), passed a Senate Public Safety Committee 5-1. However, a twin bill introduced by Assemblyman Rob Bonta in the State Assembly was rejected, PBS NEWSHOUR reports. The Assembly is taking another stab at money bail reform, with a similar bill awaiting clearance from the Appropriations Committee, according to The Sacramento Bee. As you can probably imagine, there are many opponents of reform bail in California, including bail agents and law enforcement.

Opponents of Ending Money Bail

The money bail industry, which naturally has much to lose if such efforts become law, even brought Dog the Bounty Hunter to Sacramento to testify against legislation that would end bail for most defendants. Opponents claim that stopping money bail would pose a threat to the public. If the Assembly can manage to pass legislation similar to SB 10, it could lead to judges have more leeway in deciding whether or not to impose bail. Judges would consider a defendant’s financial means before making a decision or would impose bail as a condition of release, taking the defendant’s income into account.

Yesterday, the “Imagine Justice” concert was held at the Capitol Mall in Sacramento, The Los Angeles Times reports. Performers included Common, J. Cole, Goapele and Los Rakas. The event organizers, Common and criminal justice organizations, threw the free concert in support of overhauling California’s money bail system and to protect the rights of minors in juvenile detention.

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