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Next week, Californians will be voting on number of controversial subjects, from legalizing marijuana to abolishing or amending the death penalty. It practically goes without saying that California has been at the forefront of progressive movements, being the first state to legalize medical marijuana is just one example. However, despite Californians’ progressive sentiments, they reside in one of the 31 states with the death penalty.

When voters go to the polls next week, citizens will be asked to vote on two similar, yet conflicting propositions that could repeal or amend the death penalty statute, KSBY reports. Voting “yes” vote on Proposition 62 could result in the state abolishing the death penalty, whereas voting “yes” on Proposition 66 could lead to shortening the time legal challenges to death sentences take.

Supporters of either proposition agree that capital punishment cases are “drawn out too long and are too costly,” according to the article. Those in support of Prop 62 claim that the bill could save California $150 million per year.

“It’s very expensive and it’s not really used in the way it was originally intended,” said Cal Poly student Alison O’Neill. 

While there are 748 people currently sitting on death row in California, it has been a long time since an execution was carried out, the article reports. The last execution in California occurred over a ten years ago. with executions at a standstill. On the other hand, supporters of Prop 66 have the slogan: “Mend, Not End,” and believe that it is time for executions to resume.

“I don’t wish to pay for people who are incarcerated for years and years and years. That’s taxpayer dollars,” said Morro Bay resident Ray David. “Get them out of here. They are criminals.” 

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