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Ever since his acquittal in 1995, O.J. Simpson has remained a subject of fascination and curiosity amongst the American public. This past week, the case took another turn when a knife allegedly found buried in 1998 on Simpson’s Brentwood property was publicly revealed for the first time.

Officials from the LAPD stated that they intend to conduct a forensic analysis of the weapon in hopes of discovering any clues or leads in their investigation. However, the police indicated that they had to approach the newly emerged evidence with some skepticism.

The story so far is that the knife was reportedly discovered by a construction worker at Simpson’s former property in 1998, and turned over shortly thereafter to an off-duty police officer who only recently gave the weapon to LAPD.

What happened to the knife in the intervening 17 or 18 years is unclear. Where was it located? Who handled it? Whose custody was it in? These any and other questions presently remain unclear and cast a shadow over the evidentiary value of the knife.

One of Simpson’s lawyers at the time, Beverly Hills attorney Carl Douglas, stated this week that the media frenzy surrounding this revelation was “utterly ridiculous.“

Even if the knife were to somehow inculpate Simpson in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, prosecutors would face the formidable constitutional prohibition of double jeopardy. 

More details and developments are sure to emerge in the coming days and weeks.

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