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A man nicknamed the “Quad Bandit” was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison yesterday for bank robberies committed in Orange and Los Angeles counties between March and August 2014. 

According to the U.S. District Attorney’s office, Jonathan Wade Oechsle robbed or attempted to rob more than 10 banks in less than 6 months time in 2014. As part of an agreement, Oechsle pleaded guilty to six robberies in exchange for the prosecution’s dropping the remaining charges.

Prosecutors requested Judge James Selna sentence Oechsle to 151 months imprisonment. In recognition of Oechsle’s rehabilitative efforts in prison, Judge Selna sentenced Oechsle to 10 years in federal prison. Judge Selna agreed to allow Oechsle to serve time in a federal prison on the East Coast, closer to his family.

Oechsle’s defense attorney argued to the court that Oechsle had struggled with substance abuse for many years, had been neglected as a child, and suffered from psychological problems. However, his attorney asserted to Judge Selna that Oechsle had used his time in prison awaiting trial to his benefit, actively seeking and receiving substance abuse treatment and psychological counseling.

Oechsle acknowledged responsibility for the crimes and stated he hoped to continue to improve himself with the assistance of the prison’s resources.

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