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The individual accused of killing his former girlfriend and another man last weekend was scheduled to be arraigned on murder charges yesterday, an important event that has been postponed until February 26.

Brian Anthony Gonzales, a/k/a Brian Hammond, 24, is suspected of killing Emily Fox, 22, and Jerrad Scott, 24, last Sunday at Fox’s apartment in Winnetka. Fox is from Winnetka and Scott is from La Mesa.

Authorities responded to calls Sunday afternoon, including one from Fox herself, about Gonzales. On arrival, police discovered Fox’s and Scott’s bodies in Fox’s home. Gonzales was later apprehended on a bus.

Gonzales is currently being held without bail as he waits for his arraignment next month.

Being charged with a crime can be and often is a life-altering event. The potential consequences, depending on the crime, can have major implications on one’s current and future liberty. In the case of murder, the punishment in California can sometimes be death.

For that reason, it is critical if you or someone you know has been charged with a crime to speak with a criminal defense attorney.

The Law Office of Ronald G. Brower has represented individuals charged with crimes for over three decades. Attorney Brower has provided legal representation to people charged with a range of crimes, including murder.

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