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Last week, Downey Police Officer Ricardo Galvez was shot to death while sitting in his car in the Downey Police Department parking lot. Galvez was 29-years-old and a five-year veteran of the Downey police force.

Two days later, the first of three individuals believed to be involved in the murder, Abel Diaz (16), was arraigned and formally charged with one count of murder. The other two suspects—Steven Knott (18) and Jeremy Alvarez (21)—are expected to be arraigned on murder charges this coming Monday.

Initial reports indicate that the three suspects intended to rob Galvez, who reportedly was not in uniform or carrying his firearm at the time of the incident. However, multiple shots were allegedly fired from close range, killing Galvez.

After collecting evidence from the crime scene, reviewing video evidence of the incident, and receiving statements from the suspects, the police charged Diaz, Knott, and Alvarez with murder. 

Diaz is currently being held on $1 million bail. Knott’s and Alvarez’s bail will be determined at their arraignment next week.

It is unclear what role Diaz, Knott or Alvarez allegedly played individually in the shooting. More information and details will be disclosed as the investigation continues.

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