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With a warrant out for his arrest, artist Shepard Fairey was arrested by police last week at the Los Angeles International Airport. Mr. Fairey is known for his “Hope” poster used in Barack Obama’s initial presidential campaign.

Mr. Fairey, 45, was wanted by Detroit police in connection with charges for malicious destruction of property.

Two days ago, on Monday, Mr. Fairey returned voluntarily to Detroit to face the charges. The next day, he plead not guilty.

Mr. Fairey was commissioned to paint a mural in Detroit in May. Authorities contend that Mr. Fairey completed other graffiti projects at the same time without permission, which is the basis of these charges.

Mr. Fairey was previously arrested in Boston in 2009 for tagging; he was sentenced to probation and a fine. If convicted of the charges in Detroit, Mr. Fairey is said to face five years in prison and substantial fines.

When arrested in one state for an outstanding warrant from another state, criminal suspects face the possibility of extradition back to the state from which the warrant stems.

The more serious the crime, the more likely the charging state will extradite the suspect back to its jurisdiction.

Sometimes it can be unclear if one has a warrant out for his or her arrest. However, it is important to clarify so that one is not unexpectedly picked up after an unanticipated encounter with any sort of law enforcement authority.

If you or someone you know has a warrant out for their arrest, it is important to talk with a criminal defense attorney before taking any action with police or the courts.

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