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Huntington Beach Police arrested four men suspected of being members in a conspiracy to kill another person they knew for money this past week. Three of the four men were released and not charged.

On Tuesday, May 12, police arrested Huntington Beach resident John Taylor (67) and his two sons, Jordan (29) and Matthew (27) on charges of solicitation and conspiracy to commit murder. Travis Sprague, was arrested the next day in Long Beach in connection with the same matter.

By Thursday, however, John Taylor, Matthew Taylor, and Travis Sprague were all released without charges. Jordan Taylor was formally arraigned the same the day other men were released.

Mr. Taylor faces charges of solicitation of murder and attempted murder. Believing he could make the $1 million bail because of substantial family and business assets, the government requested and the court raised Mr. Taylor’s bail to $3 million.

It is reported that the police made the arrests after receiving information or a tip about the purported conspiracy from FBI. Jordan Taylor is alleged to have unknowingly met an undercover detective and negotiated a price for committing a murder of a woman known to Mr. Taylor.

The Taylor family is well known throughout the Huntington Beach surfing community and many fellow surfers expressed shock to learn of these allegations.

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