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On Friday, May 8, the former Police Chief of the Port of Los Angeles pleaded not guilty to charges of wire fraud, tax evasion, and for making false statements to FBI investigators.

A federal grand jury indicted Ronald Jerome Boyd, 57, last month in Los Angeles on 16 different counts of criminal activity arising from an alleged bribery and kickback scheme related to the development of a smart phone app designed to promote public safety at the Port.

Authorities claim Mr. Boyd helped a software development firm obtain a contract with the port, which incidentally provided Mr. Boyd with undisclosed and impermissible financial benefits.

The indictment also asserts that Mr. Boyd provided the software firm with confidential information and then lied about his involvement or association in the alleged scheme to federal agents.

After tendering his plea of not guilty, Mr. Boyd was released from custody on $100,000 bond. Mr. Boyd has been on administrative leave from the Port since the indictment against him was unsealed on April 30.

If convicted of all 16 offenses for which he was indicted, Mr. Boyd could face multiple years in prison. White-collar crimes carry serious penalties, including potentially significant jail time.

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