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While facing a murder charge for allegedly killing his wife in October 2012, Orange County businessman Peter Gregory Chadwick has disappeared. After missing his court dates, an Orange County Superior Court judge increased Mr. Chadwick’s arrest warrant last week to $5 million dollars.

At this time, law enforcement authorities continue to search for Mr. Chadwick. Mr. Chadwick’s attorney, Robert Sanger, says he has not talked with his client since before a January 28, 2015 hearing.

Mr. Chadwick has been free while awaiting trial after posting $1 million dollars bail in December 2012.

Prosecutors suspect that Mr. Chadwick is either on the run or has committed suicide.

If found, Mr. Chadwick would have to pay $5 million dollars for missing his court dates and to avoid arrest. The court indicated it would consider increasing the warrant to $10 million dollars, if necessary.

The next court date is scheduled for March 2015.

Mr. Chadwick is alleged to have murdered his wife, Quee Chadwick, in their Newport Coast home in October 2012. Investigators later discovered Ms. Chadwick’s body in a trash bin in San Diego County.

Mr. Chadwick plead not guilty and contended that someone else killed Ms. Chadwick and then forced him to drive and dispose of her body.

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