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Barbara Wu, 23, a former UC Riverside student, was sentenced to three years and four months in prison on Monday, January 26. Wu had been accused of trying to have two of her ex-boyfriends murdered for ending their relationship with her. As of Tuesday afternoon, Wu was released from prison, after spending only 20 months incarcerated.
She was arrested and held without bail for solicitation of murder and stalking just a few weeks short of graduating from UC Riverside.
In 2013, following a bad breakup, prosecutors say Wu asked one former boyfriend to kidnap and kill another and dispose of his body. Once the former boyfriend reported Wu’s actions to the police, he was asked to wear a wire during his next encounter with Wu. It was during this encounter that Wu incriminated herself. After the news broke, another former boyfriend came forward with a similar story.
Wu accepted a plea bargain and pleaded guilty on January 15, 2015, to lesser charges. Under the plea agreement with the Riverside County DA’s Office, Wu plead guilty to a lesser charge of solicitation to commit assault and was sentenced to three years and four months. Wu will not be able to contact her victims for 10 years as part of a protective order issued by the judge.
Wu had already spent 610 days at the Smith Correctional Facility in Banning, which was credited. The 610 days was doubled under a state law intended to reduce prison overcrowding, resulting in more than three years total credit. She was released Tuesday for time already served.

In statements to reporters, Wu says she plans to return to college and finish her degree in political science.

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