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Jared Ray Hale, 27, was found guilty in December of driving under the influence in a 2012 Valentine’s Day Crash that killed his three passengers: Sgt. Jeremiah Callahan, 23; Cpl. Christopher Arzola, 21; and Cpl. Jason Chleborad, 22.
Additionally, the jury found that Hale drove with a blood alcohol level over .15 percent, more than twice the legal limit. Hale was supposed to be designated driver that evening, however, prosecutors said he was drinking heavily that night. Jurors deliberated for less than a day before finding that Hale’s blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when he lost control of his car and crashed into a tree on a rainy Valentine’s Day night. 
Callahan and Arzola died at the scene. Chleborad was taken to Mission Hospital, where he died an hour later. Hale suffered brain trauma and was in a coma for a month.
He faces a maximum sentence of 12 years in state prison when he returns to court on January 30th. However, the sergeant will ask for treatment in lieu of prison time at his sentencing Friday, his attorney said.
Hale’s attorney argues he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after serving in heavy combat in Sangin, Afghanistan, under the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment. After he returned home, he began self-medicating with alcohol, his lawyer said.
His attorney further argued the sergeant should receive treatment for alcohol addiction rather than prison time, citing a California penal code that asks courts to consider whether the offense was committed as a result of trauma or injury from service in the military.
He is scheduled to be sentenced on January 30, Friday, in the Westminster Courthouse.

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