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A Santa Ana Superior Court jury convicted Paul Curry, 57, a former nuclear power plant engineer of first-degree murder in the poisoning death of his wife, Linda Curry in 1994.

Paul had been found guilty of first-degree murder with the special circumstances that he poisoned his wife for financial gain. The jury found that on Jun 9, 1994, Paul murdered his wife of 21-months with a fatal dose of nicotine. The former engineer had injected the nicotine behind her ear in their San Clemente home.
Paul’s conduct after his wife’s death was indications that he was a suspect from the beginning. The day after his wife’s funeral, Paul applied for life insurance payouts and collected approximately half a million dollars in insurance and other benefits. However, prosecutors were unable to file charges until the case was re-opened in 2007. Paul was arrested in 2010 and charged with insurance fraud and murder.

The jury deliberated for about two days. Paul faces a sentence of life without parole.

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