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Authorities arrest two women in connection with burglaries of upscale Orange County homes. The women allegedly posed as housekeepers to enter the residences.

Authorities determined the women were allowed to enter the homes under the guise that they were a cleaning crew. The women were identified by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department as Sandra Elizabeth Rojas, 36, and Marie Alejandra Rojas, 38, both of Riverside. Authorities believe the two women were related by marriage, not blood.
Investigators believe the women chose homes, which already had a maid service, and entered these homes with vacuums or brooms so as not to arouse the neighbor’s suspicions.
The two women have been charged with six counts of first-degree residential burglary and one count of receiving stolen property. They are currently being held without bail.

The Sherrif’s Department plans to publicly display the recovered stolen property so as to return it to owners and identify other victims.

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