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After missing for nearly 7 weeks, the body of a Marine’s missing wife, 19-year-old Erin Corwin, was found 140 feet down a mine shaft near Joshua Tree National Park. One suspect has been arrested, while more arrests may soon follow.

Corwin was last seen June 28, after telling her husband that she was going to scout hikes for a visit with her mother. Christopher Lee, who was Corwin’s neighbor, had reportedly planned to take Corwin on a hunting trip the same day she disappeared. However, Lee later told investigators he went allow. Authorities suspect the Corwin was having an affair with Lee, and that she may have been carrying his child.

The wife of Lee, allegedly told a witness, Isabella Megli of Yucca Valley, that “detectives would never find her body,” according to a search warrant. The couple were using Megli’s property in Yucca Valley to store their belongings while they planned their move to Alaska. According to the warrant, Lee’s wife also told Megli that the police did not have a case against them because they would not find Corwin’s body. 

Christopher Lee, 29, was arrested Sunday night in Anchorage, Alaska on suspicion of having killed Erin Corwin. However, San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos said at a news conference Monday that more arrests may follow. 

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