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A plan to extort $20 million dollars from a Saudi Sheik has concluded with a woman and her two attorneys facing criminal charges.

Prosecutors allege that German national Leyla Ors, 33, and her attorneys Joseph Cavallo, 58 and Emanuel Karl Judson, 58, conspired to a plan to extort $20 million from a wealthy Saudi sheik by claiming the son raped and tortured the woman, according to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. The three defendants are charged with attempted extortion, conspiracy to commit extortion, conspiracy to receive a bribe and conspiracy to obstruct justice, according to a statement from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. 

The defendants alleged plan centered around Saudi sheik Monsur Albalwi by falsely claiming that his son raped and tortured Ors, according to authorities. Based on these claims and a physical examination, Albalwi was charged with four counts of sexual assault. However, these charges were dropped on Friday. 

The case against Ors, Hudson, and Cavalla, developed after Hudson called the sheik and told him that for $15 million dollars Ors would not testify. Later, Cavalla also called the sheik and demanded $20 million to be wired to a swiss bank account that Cavalla would set up. 

This is not the first time Cavalla has faced charges in regard to his representation of his clients. In 2007, Cavalla was convicted in a 2007 bail scam, in which he allegedly used bail agents to drum up business for his law firm. 

So far, Ors and Cavallo both have pleaded not guilty to the charges they face. Hudson will be arraigned on July 30. Ors and her two attorneys could face up to four years in custody if convicted, authorities said. 

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