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After a long delay, the trial in the death of Kim Pham, an Orange County fatally beat outside of a Santa Ana club, has begun. Opening statements were heard Wednesday in the trial of Vanesa Zavala, 26 and Candace Brito, 27, the two women accused of fatally beating Pham.

Both women have pleaded not guilty. In a previous post, we wrote about the death of Kim Pham, a young woman who was allegedly killed outside of the Crosby Club in Santa Ana. The fight allegedly arose when an acquaintance of the two women, “Emelia”, bumped into Pham and Pham reacted. The fight then escalated when Zavala and Brito allegedly began punching and kicking Pham into unconsciousness, ultimately causing her death.

A video of the brawl was played repeatedly Wednesday as attorney’s for both defendants told jurors their clients should not be convicted of Pham’s death.  

Prosecutors allege that though Pham may have initially through the first punch, Zavala and Brito kicked her in the head and caused the blunt force trauma which caused her death. However, the defense in its opening statement argued that Pham through the first punch and was the initial aggressor. Further, the defense argues that the coroner is unable to pinpoint exactly was caused Pham’s death, and that the defendants were acting in self defense. 

The case is ongoing and will be updated regularly on the Ronald Brower & Associates Blog.

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