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This Thursday, Carol Coronado, 30, plead not guilty in a Compton courthouse to charges that she allegedly murdered her three young daughters and tryed to hill her own mother.
Prosecutors allege that the Torrance

mother tried to commit suicide and was hospitalized after she allegedly killed 2-year-old Sophia, 1-year-old Yazmine and 2-month-old Xenia, and tried to kill her own mother, at the family’s home in unincorporated Torrance on May 20.

The girls’ maternal grandmother called police, saying Coronado had killed the girls. The children were found Tuesday night at the house in Torrance, after their grandmother arrived for a visit and discovered the little girls laid out on a bed with multiple stab wounds, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.
Coronado’s husband was home at the time, working on his car across the street, neighbors said. Coronado’s court appearance was the first time her husband, Rudy, had seen her since their daughters’ deaths. Detectives recovered knives at the home as well as a hammer. Detectives are still trying to determine if these items were used in the killings. 

Neighbors say they saw no sign of trouble prior to the killings. 
Though authorities have not confirmed a motive for the killing of the three young girls, Carol may have signs of postpartum depression, but a family spokesperson said the family did not know how to recognize the signs or how to help at the time.

The district attorney could decide to pursue the death penalty in this case, but that decision may not be made until after the preliminary hearing, scheduled for July 3.

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