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February 9th shooting deaths of 57-year-old Brad Sachs and 54-year-old Andra Sachs left the Orange County Sheriff’s Department wondering, who did it? 

Recently, a teenage son of the wealthy San Juan Capistrano couple is accused of killing the couple while they slept last month. The 19-year-old son of Andra and Brad Sachs was charged with their deaths Friday, as well as the attempted murder of a sister and younger brother. 

Police believe that Ashton Sachs, who was living in Seattle before the killings, traveled to Orange county, entered his family’s home armed with a gun and shot his parents as they slept. Sachs is also accused of entering the bedroom of his 8-year-old brother and shooting him. The child survived but is paralyzed. He then fired at his  17-year-old sister, but the teenager was not struck. 

Investigators interviewed Ashton Sachs after the shootings, but did not have enough evidence leading to a suspect. Sachs returned to Seattle after the killings, authorities contend, and was arrested Thursday after police interviewed him in San Diego, where he was staying with friends. 

Ashton Sachs has no criminal history beyond speeding tickets, but now faces two counts of murder with special circumstances for multiple murders and two counts of attempted murder with premediation and deliberation. He also faces sentencing enhancements for personal use of a firearm causing death, as well as person use of a firearm causing bodily injury and paralysis. 

If convicted, he faces a minimum sentence of life in state prison without the possibility of parole. He also could receive the death penalty. He is being held without bail. 

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