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A Kentucky man has been identified the man found with an explosive and artillery fuses in his luggage when he boarded a plane at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California.
George Salyer was arrested Tuesday, August 27, after Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents found suspicious devices in his luggage and called the Orange County Sheriff’s Department bomb squad. Bomb squad members responded to the airport shortly after TSA discovered the items in a screening area. Deputies soon determined that there was no threat.

Salyer had three military artillery fuses and a sting ball grenade, a non-lethal explosive that shoots out rubber projectiles upon detonation, in his checked bag when he boarded a flight to Denver. When authorities searched his carry-on bag, they also found a small knife, Adderall and steroid pills.
Salyer was arrested on suspicion of placing an explosive device in a checked bag, possession of a prohibited weapon in an airport, possession of stolen property and possession of the pills.
Salyer has allegedly been recently discharged from the military and was not authorized to be in possession of the grenade and fuses, which are property of the military. The military took possession of these items upon Salyer’s arrest. Sheriff’s officials said they did not know what branch of the military Salyer was discharged from.
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