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Scottie Pippen and his wife at a Bulls game.

Former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen, 47, was questioned for about an hour Monday by Los Angeles County sheriffs after the ex-Dream Teamer was accused of an assault outside a Malibu restaurant Sunday night. 

Pippen was not arrested, contrary to reports by some media. According to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Captain Pat Davoren, Pippen came in voluntarily to a Los Angeles County sheriff’s substation after he was named as a suspect in the altercation outside Nobu restaurant, a celebrity hangout on the beach in Malibu. He spoke to police for about an hour and was released pending further investigation. 

According to Davoren, Pippen was out dining with his family Sunday evening at Nobu, a Malibu sushi restaurant, when he was approached by a man wanting an autograph. Later, the man allegedly began taking pictures. When Pippen and his family were finished eating and walked outside the restaurant, the man approached again, again asking for an autograph.

An argument ensued, and Pippen got upset and allegedly punched the man in the fact. The alleged victim was hospitalized with a head injury. 

Investigators were interviewing several witnesses to determine whether Pippen should be charged with assault with intent to commit great bodily harm. 

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