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Many people spent St. Patrick’s day celebrating the Irish by drinking green beer and bar hopping. However, during this time CHP and the Orange County Sheriff Department cracked down on drunk driving by conducting several DUI checkpoints in Orange County, due in part to a newly awarded grant.
Forty-five people were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol Sunday along. The arrests were made on county roads and freeways, where law-enforcemnet officials used roving patrols and saturation enforcement to target intoxicated drivers. 
The stepped-up enforcement was part of the “Avoid the 38” DUI task force’s crackdown, which refers to the 38 agencies involved in the crackdown. 
The 45 arrests appeared to be in line with last year’s enforcement. Last year, 64 people were arrested throughout the county on suspicion of DUI, but that number included arrests from an entire weekend of enforcement activities. 
In Fullerton, an 18-year was arrested on suspicion on drunk of drunk driving after losing control of his car and crashing into a home. The teenager was treated at a local hospital, no one was injured inside of the home. 
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