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Sheriff James Musick, circa 1966
Sheriff James Musick, circa 1966 (Photo credit: Orange County Archives)

Orange County police are in search of an inmate who escaped from prison on Thursday, December 20, 2012. The inmate, who was being held at the James A. Musick facility climbed over a razor wire and was able to escape the minimum-security prison

Authorities report that the jail officials did not even realize the man was missing until a routine inmate count was done. Further, authorities believe he escaped after 5 p.m. Thursday night leaving his jail clothing behind.

The Orange County Police Department has not released the inmate’s name but only refer to him as a Hispanic man in his mid-30s. The inmate was in jail for a probation violation.

The OCPA is asking anyone who knows his whereabouts to come forward with information.
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