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On Thursday, 29-year-old Roberto Jacobo Reyes was found guilty of breaking into the bedrooms of five girls and touching them inappropriately while they were asleep. Reyes entered five homes over a 13-month period starting in 2009. 
Reyes was convicted of forcible lewd act on a child under 14, two counts of lewd act upon a child under 14, first degree residential burglary. Although Reyes has yet to be sentenced, he faces a maximum time of 194 years to life in state prison. He will be sentenced January 25th, 2013.
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Reyes committed the crimes of illegally entering the United States following deportation back to Mexico in 2007. Prior to being deported to Mexico, Reyes served four years for a 2003 burglary conviction. Officials were able to place Reyes at the scene of the break-ins as a result of DNA samples Reyes submitted in the 2003 burglary case. 
Reyes found his victims by targeting a 1-square-mile area around Santa Ana. He would walk around during the day, see where the girls lived, and then return later in the night. Reyes admitted to police he was attracted to pre-teen girls and that touching them gave him “goose bumps.”
Reyes Public Defender, Dolores Yost, admittedly argued that Reyes crimes were not sexually motivated. 
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