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Two stabbings this weekend left two people injured in the Santa Ana area. The first incident took place Friday night around 7:45PM on Bristol Street. The minor was walking on Bristol holding his IPhone when a man rode up to him on a bicycle. The man demanded the minor hand him his IPhone, when the minor refused, the man slashed his hand with a butcher knife according to local law enforcement. Subsequently, the man stabbed the minor in the chest when the minor was attempting to flee. The man stole the phone and rode off.
Gang Unit
Gang Unit (Photo credit: 888bailbond)

The second stabbing took place at 2:30AM early Saturday when a father and son were confronted on East Washington Street. Four men, believed to be gang members, questioned the father and son regarding their gang affiliation. When the father and son denied they were affiliated with any gang, the four men began punching them. During the course of the confrontation, one of the victims was able to run away and called for help. The four men fled leaving the father on the ground with a stab wound. Both victims are expected to survive.

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