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Official seal of Anaheim
Official seal of Anaheim (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The estimated cost the riots of Anaheim had on the city is roughly $1.7 million, including police overtime during the month long period. In response to the riots, Anaheim police took all measure to provide safety including SWAT officers, detectives, and extra patrol officers. These measures totaled $24,500 hours of police overtime.  The city of Anaheim stands behind its decision to take all measure to provide safety. Police Sgt. Bob Dunn released a statement saying, “The public’s safety is the chief’s responsibility, and we staff to make sure the citizens are safe.”

As you will recall, the riots arose after two latino men were shot by officers. In response, angry citizens of Anaheim took to the streets.

Clearly the $1.7 million on overtime is just the tip of what the riots ultimately will cost the city. Resources and the reputation of the city that holds the happiest place on earth have been severely tarnished.

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