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Orange County Sheriff's Department (California)
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In an unfortunate series of events, a young Californian girl was violently stabbed to death last week by her boyfriend, Derek Pinski. The girl, 24-year-old Alexandra Joyce Tang, was visiting her boyfriend’s mother in the quiet community of Laguna Hills when police believe Pinksi murdered her. Pinski’s mother found Tang and proceeded to call 911. Unfortunately, Tang was pronounced dead at the scene early Saturday morning.

In the aftermath of the crime, police located Pinski in the small town of Mesa, Arizona on Saturday evening. It is believed that Pinski fled Orange County to his father’s house in Arizona. Although a motive has not been produced, Pinski is expected in Court this week.

Tang and Pinski met while attending University of California, Santa Barbara. Tang had graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Tang’s family released a statement noting, “she was looking forward to a career helping others – her first job out of college was working with autistic children in south Orange County.”

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