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Hundreds of excited Batman fans packed a movie theater on July 20th in Aurora, Colorado to see the last installment of Christopher Nolan’s famed Dark Knight trilogy. The aftermath of the atrocities that the alleged shooter, James Holmes, committed that night has left the nation stunned and horrified.

In the wake of that deadly shooting, evidence has come to light that Holmes’ psychiatrist at the University of Colorado, where he had been a graduate student until he suddenly dropped out of school earlier this summer, was aware of his depraved plan. In fact, the psychiatrist had alerted the University’s “threat assessment team.” However, as Holmes had already dropped out of school, the University took no action against Holmes.

Had the University acted with more sincerity, perhaps innocent movie goers would not have been placed in such danger. As a result, universities across the nation have been reacting to potential threats with significantly more attention. Here in Orange County, the University of California- Irvine is no different.

Last week, Orange County police arrested Rainer Reinscheid, a UCI professor of pharmaceutical studies, while he was attempting to set a small fire. While investigating the arson, Irvine police discovered alarming emails Reinscheid had sent from his UCI email account to his wife and himself.

The emails detailed a violent plan of revenge for those he believes are responsible for his teenage son’s suicide earlier this year. It is alleged that his son, Claas, committed suicide after being disciplined by the assistant principal at his high school. Reinscheid’s emails alluded to killing 200 students at University High School, raping the school counselor, and killing the assistant principal. The emails, which were filed in court today, quote “I will make him cry and beg, but I will not give him a chance, just like he did to Claas. I will make him die, slowly, surely. Next I will set fire to Uni High and try to burn down as much as I can, there should be nothing left that gives them a reason to continue their miserable school.”

Although Reinscheid never acted on his abominable plan nor is he being charged with anything related to the private emails, the news has left the local Irvine community in shock and horror. While some claim that Reinscheid is just venting his anger to his wife others, such as Orange County District Attorney spokeswoman Farrah Emam, are concerned that he is a serious threat to the safety of the community.

In fact, yesterday, Orange County Superior Court Judge Craig Griffin denied bail during a hearing for Reinscheid’s arson arrest as a result of the emails contents.

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