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During early morning raids on Wednesday 42 members of the Outlaws, a motorcycle gang characterized by crime and violence, were arrested. The Outlaws, who range from top CEOs to career gang members, are facing a litany of charges including extortion, drug trafficking, money laundering, gambling and witness tampering.

The arrests came after a year long investigation that revealed, “all kinds of people from different walks of life are involved in criminal activity” according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Brad Blackington, lead prosecutor on the case.

The raids, which were synchronized by 300 officers from federal, state and local agencies brought nearly every member of the Outlaws Indianapolis Chapter in custody along with local associates and members from the group’s chapters in Illinois and Ohio. Investigators reported that one suspect, Terrell Adams, a hospital employee who is being sought on drug charges is still at large. The raids also sanctioned about 35 guns, assault rifles, motorcycles and $14,000 in cash.

Blackington indicated that investigators were able to infiltrate the gang using wiretaps, drug buys and undercover agents. The year-long investigation revealed that the Outlaws used violence to collect debts, conducted insurance fraud schemes, ran illegal gambling venues that brought in thousands of dollars daily and trafficked drugs such as cocaine and prescription painkillers. If convicted the 42 defendants face up to decades in prison.

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Dee Son October 23, 2012 - 4:34 pm

The authorities should have taken these fellas down for good the past years!
What about riders who doesn't follow simple rules of wearing motorcycle helmets?

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