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Source: IRS.gov.

Ronald L. Brekke was convicted of conspiracy and fraud and could face twenty years in federal prison for his crimes. Brekke, a former Orange County resident, convinced approximately 1,000 people in the U.S. and Canada to file $763 million worth of bogus federal tax refund claims. Brekke told these people that they can receive a federal tax refund equal to the amount of their total personal debt by filing these claims. This tax refund scam cost the Internal Revenue Service $14 million.  Brekke’s accounts will now be subject to forfeiture because the money in the accounts were generated through criminal activity.

Federal courts have jurisdiction over all cases involving federal law or involving litigants from different states. Crimes heard in federal court include tax crimes, terrorism, export/import crimes, computer crimes, Internet fraud, and many other crimes. Federal crimes are generally more serious crimes and carry harsher penalties. In this case, Brekke committed tax fraud and conspiracy within several states and countries. Because of this, he was charged with these crimes in federal court. If you are charged with a crime in federal court, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away to assist you in fighting your charges or reducing your sentence.

Federal crime  Orange County criminal attorney Ronald Brower

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