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Source: Orange County Register.

An Autistic man in Huntington Beach was arrested last weekend for violating several restraining orders. John Patrick Rogers sat by the swimming pool in his apartment complex, where he was not allowed to be, and then started posting messages on Twitter about his neighbors. His neighbors claim that they have been harassed by Rogers for years and have gone to the courts to seek restraining orders against Rogers. The judge granted 28 restraining orders against Rogers because of his harassing Tweets and Youtube messages in which he complains about his neighbors and posts private information about them for the public to see.

Restraining orders limit people from taking certain actions that might adversely affect another and are usually issued by the civil courts. A protective order prohibits someone from coming into contact with another person and is issued by criminal courts, usually in domestic violence situations. Violations of protective or restraining orders come with the possibility of jail or prison time, probation or fines. Crimes committed while violating a restraining or protective order come with even steeper penalties. Therefore, if you are charged with a violation of a protective order or restraining order, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away to assist you.

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