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Pictured above: Christopher Dai-Ichi Yu. Source: Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Earlier this week, Christopher Dai-Ichu Yu was convicted of murder, criminal street-gang activity, street terrorism, and attempted murder. He faces life in prison without the possibility of parole for his crimes because of the special circumstance of murder during a robbery.

In March of 2010, Yu and his co-defendant Lynn Ai Quach arranged to meet Tuyet Thi Huynh in a parking lot to sell her drugs. Instead of selling her drugs, the men grabbed her purse, pulled it into the car and drove away. Huynh’s arm was tangled in the purse and when the car sped off, Huynh was dragged beside the car for over a mile. Huynh’s boyfriend, Truong Pham, watched the whole incident and went speeding after Yu’s car. Yu opened fire and tried to shoot Pham. Police saw the speeding cars so they stopped and arrested the defendants. Huynh was pronounced dead at the hospital due to head trauma.

If a person murders someone during the commission of another felony, they can be charged with felony murder. A person convicted of felony murder faces life in prison without the possibility of parole. Additional sentence enhancements are added for committing a crime for the benefit of a street gang and using a gun.

Possible defenses to murder include self defense, accidental killing and the insanity defense. Therefore, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away if you are charged with murder.

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