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Source: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

After a four week investigation, approximately 1,979 marijuana plants were found inside of four units of a business complex in Los Angeles last week. The approximate value of the plants was between $2-$5 million dollars, depending on where they were being sold. Usually plants grown indoors are more potent then outdoor plants, and are therefore sold to medical marijuana dispensaries for more money. There is no word yet on if these plants were being grown legally or illegally, but four men were arrested while the investigation continues.

California marijuana laws makes it a crime to cultivate, sell, possess or use marijuana. The sale of large quantities of marijuana, like in this case, if done illegally, will result in felony charges and long prison sentences. Simple possession of more than an ounce or marijuana can result in either felony or misdemeanor charges, as well as jail or prison time, fines, and drug classes. However, possessing less than an ounce of marijuana is not even considered a misdemeanor and instead, you will just be charged with an infraction.

Possible defenses to charges of possession for the sale of marijuana include an unlawful search and/or seizure, entrapment, or unreliable confidential informants. Possible defenses to charges of possession include all of the above defenses but also the lack of evidence that the drugs belonged to the person charged. Therefore, if you are charged with a drug crime, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away to assist you. The attorney may be able to reduce your charges or sentence, or even get your charges dismissed.

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